Weekly Services

Adult and Children’s Sunday School

Sundays @ 8:45am 


Lord’s Day Corporate Worship 

Sundays @ 10am 

Communion every first Sunday of the month


Fellowship Coffee Hour 

Sundays after the morning worship service


Evening Prayer

Sundays @ 6pm

Service of Shadows
Good Friday, March 29

At our annual Good Friday service we rehearse the Passion narrative in growing darkness, as each Scripture reading is paired with songs, prayers, meditations, and the extinguishing of candles.

7pm in the Sanctuary

Service of Light
Easter Sunday, March 31

In the early morning hours of Easter, we gather in the sanctuary for a service rehearsing high points culminating in the climax of history—the resurrection of the Son of God. 

7am in the Sanctuary

Easter Breakfast
Easter Sunday, March 31

All are welcome to our annual Easter breakfast!

8am in the Fellowship Hall