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Benchmarks for Reading through the Bible in a Year

By January 31st you should have
completed Leviticus 11

By Feb. 29th – Joshua 5

By Mar. 31st – 1Kings 5

By April 30th – 2 Chronicles 25

By May 31st – Psalm 13

By June 30th – Psalm 111

By July 31st – Isaiah 12

By Aug. 31st – Jeremiah 48

By Sept. 30th – Jonah 2

By Oct. 31st – Luke 19

By Nov. 30th – 2 Corinthians 13

By Dec. 31st – Revelation 22


A Lily Among Thorns: Timeless Truths for the Modern Church

Keeping the Church on Target

Seeing is Believing

Ten Reasons Why You Need to Know Jesus

The Book of Books

The Lord’s Prayer

The Wonderful Grace of Jesus


 Covenant Theology in the Westminister Confession of Faith

Jonathan Edwards and A Divine and Supernatural Light

Robert Bruce on the Lord’s Supper

The Scottish Piety of Scougal and Guthrie

John Owen on the Christian Ministry


Life of John Owen

Necessity of Reforming the Church by John Calvin